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Art Collection

Paul Meccanico’s ART COLLECTIONS are collections dedicated to the artistic works of selected artists. This means that we develop a special collection for and with a selected artist, whose art will be printed on our bags. The type of art will determine which bag models will be the most suitable. The artist will always remain the owner of the print and Paul Meccanico of the bag design. This collection can be sold by both Paul Meccanico and the channels of the artist and of each sale part of the revenue will go to
the artist and part to Paul Meccanico (to be discussed between Paul Meccanico and the artist). The final price of the bag will be defined by Paul Meccanico.

We will strive for combining the launch of a new art collection with an event, such as an exhibition or an autographs' session.

The promotion of the bags can be a joint effort.

Riccardo Cecchetti


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