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Body painting at the Paul Meccanico fashion show


Optical, geometric, tie-dye and grand prix the four patterns chosen to represent the PAUL MECCANICO collection, the brand that inspired the fashion show held at the suggestive Galleria Sangallo in Tolentino last Saturday 8 October.

The four patterns were embodied for the occasion by ten splendid models who paraded with their arms painted in the same graphic as the Paul Meccanico bags they were holding.

The ancient art of body painting, known as body painting, therefore also enters the Marche fashion shows for a day, testifying to the fact that the link between art and fashion is getting closer and closer.

A huge applause to the models who, in a truly professional way, lent themselves to the play of colors and interpreted the “Paul Meccanico collection” and animated the reception for the guests of the fashion show and all the backstage.

Truly a wonderful experience, which has not gone unnoticed and which has also received appreciation from various prominent personalities in the public including the sculptor Craia.

The organizer of the event, Simone Dionisi, a young artist from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, was very satisfied, who spoke of "true works of art that last a few hours, but which will remain indelible in the memory of those who watched them parade ".

A special thanks also to the make-up artists Ari Zona, Martina Taffetani, Liz Zie, Lara Croce, Caterina Ciabocco and to the video maker Giulia Stonem.


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