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The bag is more than just an accessory: it is a tool of everyday life as every woman knows.

Men are also experiencing this more and more, with all the smartphones, tablets and portfolios they have to carry around. The bags are with us during our routines, they change shape, size and weight during the day, but they are always on our side. Therefore, it is important they are practical and functional and support our activities.

We ourselves for instance, live in a beautiful place with little traffic, no smog and no light pollution. We love to walk, also at night when you can breathe fresh air and watch the stars. But when you walk or ride your bike at night you must be careful and make yourself visible for motorists. The collision problem, unfortunately, is a serious one. In Europe each year around 1,600 pedestrians and cyclists die as a result of being hit by a car. This is the reason why we decided to put a reflector on our bags. This is the classic door protector reflector and it is applied on the outer edge of the bag. A detail of functional value, which also contributes to the originality of our creations because ... we were the first to use it! The idea has been appreciated by Vogue too!


Does a reflector on the bag really increase a pedestrian's safety? Clearly, without the attention by motorists and a great prudence of pedestrians the reflector is not enough, but it does help. Night visibility greatly varies depending on the type of light and the presence – or absence – of a reflector element. As shown in the infographic on this page, at night with the headlights on full beamwe can see objects and people within a distance of about 150 metres, but if they are equipped with reflectors, we can already spot them from a 300-meter distance. With the dipped headlightshowever, night visibility is very low and it is hard to detect the presence of a person on the road from more than 50 metres. With a reflector, this visibility increases to 100 metres. Considering the reaction and brake times, these differences can be decisive. Just think about it when you walk.


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