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Paul Meccanico was founded in 2015 in Sarnano, a beautiful medieval village in the Marche Region offering great views on the Sibillin Mountains. Founder and fashion designer Paul Albert Dari started the business with a small and very passionate team. We design and produce 100% handmade bags and other accessories. Everything 100% made in Italy and only unique pieces and limited editions made in different local craft workshops, avoiding mass production.

We have been selecting our manufacturing partners with great care and work exclusively with those that share our philosophy.


Each bag has a unique serial number and certificate.

Our 'Pezzi Unici' collection consists of truly unique bags, of which there is no second one on the planet. Our 'Limited Edition' collection consists of bags that are part of a limited uniform series, each bag still carrying a unique serial number. Our 'Special Edition' collections are customized and personalized series made on request and in close cooperation with the client.

With this concept, we consciously stepped out of the world of standardization, basing our offer on the individual choices and personalities.
We returned to artisan production, enabling us to have control over the process from concept to completion of an individual item and contribute to local employment.


We have combined our region's (Le Marche) historic craft experience and knowledge with the potential of new technologies.

Le Mache as a region is know for hosting many small craft workshops for the production of Italian shoe market.
The Paul Meccanico bags are designed on the computer, digitally printed, made in these local craft workshops and sold for the most part online. In this way we were able to work flexibly, keep the organization small and control production costs, allowing us to produce single pieces and limited editions.


We believe that the key feature of a bag is the right balance between beauty and functionality. Each day we use bags for various reasons and activities, making them essential accessories in everyday life. Size, depth, presence and postion of pockets and compartments, shoulder straps, handles, quality of the stitchings, closure and security are all functional details considered in our creations. Each design and print is developed through creative graphic processing, resulting in a great variety and mix of models, colours and patterns to choose from, yet always with the unmistakable Paul Meccanico sigature. Our bags are designed to provide comfort and authenticity to those who wear them.


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