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Paul Meccanico joins the Ipsia Technical Scientific Committee

The "Renzo Frau" Ipsia of Sarnano is preparing to welcome an unprecedented event. "La primavera del Frau", a week of cultural rebirth with events, debates, and very important guests to be held from 12 to 17 April 2021. An important showcase for the institute that intends to provide students with a space entirely dedicated to culture and to the future, during which the children will have the opportunity to meet numerous guests.

During the week, precisely Wednesday 14 April, the nascent Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) of Ipsia "Renzo Frau" will also be presented, an opportunity to collaborate together and rethink the future through a continuous conversation between the school and companies, local bodies, institutes and universities. With pride to be part of the C.T.S. there will also be PAUL MECCANICO represented by her fashion designer Paul Albert Dari who will make his stylistic knowledge gained over many years of experience available to the students.

Given the orange zone, and the return in the presence of only 50% of the children, the event will take place entirely online. Another way to show that distance learning and technology have provided many means to a school that is constantly innovating while thinking about the future.

Many important guests who will take part in the initiative, including Massimo Temporelli (web, radio, TV scientific popularizer), Lucrezia Ercoli (Professor and Artistic Director of "Popsophia"), Piero Massimo Macchini (international artist and comedian), Lucia Tancredi (writer and teacher), Nicola Mastronardi (writer, journalist and author of TV programs), Andrea Cacciavillani (screenwriter and writer) and Captain Giacomo de Carlini (Compagnia dei Carabinieri di Tolentino).

The star guest of the first edition of "La primavera del Frau" will be the actor, voice actor and TV presenter Neri Marcorè.

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