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Paul Meccanico is not for everyone, but only for those who are looking for a new expressive code, outside the traditional canons of fashion. Paul Meccanico does not follow trends and does not dictate fashions. Paul Meccanico is a language that you can use however you want to tell who you really are. Paul Meccanico is not worn, it is used.

But who can really use Paul Meccanico?

1) Those who want to build their own style, do not adhere to the style imposed by a trend. Because Paul Meccanico is aimed at those who do not have too many scruples to dare and think outside the box, to tell their point of view, to highlight alternative world views to the mainstream ones.

2) Those who love irony. Because irony always reveals new perspectives. This is why, from an aesthetic point of view, Paul Meccanico accessories are distinguished by the use of bright colors, bold color contrasts, geometric decorations and, at times, by the cartoon style.


3) Who has stopped to reflect. Paul Meccanico is for those who, after having pursued fashions, trends, conventions and the opinions of others throughout their lives, stopped to think and decided to stop: because having style does not mean conforming to a style, but being able to tell their own personality through their appearance with their own language. For this Paul Meccanico is “Stop and Think”.

4) Who is not afraid of change. Because Paul Meccanico is the magical object to implement a transformation or reunion with oneself.

5) Who has courage. Sometimes people are torn in front of Paul Meccanico bags: "I like it, but then how do I match it? It won't be too particular? And yet I really like it very much". Paul Meccanico can be scary: it means getting out of the beaten track and building your own way.

6) Who is not yet in the past. Because, for many, Paul Meccanico is an important choice, a liberation, a leap forward, the overcoming of a mentality that is now too narrow; for others, however, already projected on this level, Paul Meccanico is feeling that he has found yet another piece of his own expressive code.



7) Who really loves "Made in Italy". Because Paul Meccanico produces Made in Italy made in Italy. Don't worry, it's not a mistake! Bags and accessories are made in all their phases on the Italian territory, with Italian materials and labor. There is no trick, there is no deception!

8) Those who love craftsmanship. Because it is the skilled hands of the local artisan tradition that create, piece by piece, all the elements of the Paul Meccanico collections, giving new life to the fashion workers with a product that embodies the challenge of innovation and new style.

9) Who in addition to beauty wants the functional. Because the biggest challenge in fashion is finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, especially when it comes to bags, accessories that are almost indispensable in everyday life. Dimensions, depth, arrangement of the pockets and compartments, shoulder straps, handles, zips, removable pouches, quality of the seams, resistance of the materials, long life, waterproof, tearproof, easy washing: all the details designed by Paul Meccanico to offer comfort and practicality for those who wear their creations.

10) Those who love art. Because every single Paul Meccanico creation can be considered a "portable work of art" as it was conceived on a computer through a long and accurate work characterized by frequent references to digital art and its expressions: pixels, optical art and unspoken "tributes" to the world dream by Maurits Cornelis Escher.



11) Those who care about the environment and animals. Because Paul Meccanico is cruelty free, does not have a polluting production process like the tanning one and has Animal Free Fashion certification as a fashion company committed to animal protection and the spread of an ethical and sustainable production model.

12) Who is committed to social issues. Functionality with Paul Meccanico has been upgraded with road safety in mind. A fact: around 1600 pedestrians are hit every day in Europe; why not combine an aesthetic detail with greater safety? Many of the Paul Meccanico models are equipped with reflectors, perfect for walking, cycling or motorcycling in particular light conditions. Furthermore, Paul Meccanico, through a dedicated line, actively collaborates in the I AM DOPING FREE project, born from the desire to eradicate doping from the world of sport.

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