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Do you know how many pedastrians are hit every day?

Do you know how many pedestrians are hit every day? Have you ever stopped and ask yourself this question?

In Europe, around 1,600 people are hit by pedestrians and cyclists.
In Italy, 600 pedestrians die on our streets every year.

These are alarming figures and they concern us closely because WE ARE ALL PEDESTRIANS!
You will surely remember this social campaign also supported by famous people like Piero Angela, Carlo Verdone and Vauro with his cartoons ... if you don't remember it, or worse, you don't know it, take a look at their website or their Facebook page!

These data impressed us a lot, in particular our stylist Paul Albert Dari who had an idea, certainly neither decisive nor bizarre like that of Google which patented "the sticky car" to save hit pedestrians who would remain attached to the car. in the event of a collision (Yes it's true we are not kidding. Don't you believe it? Read this article!) but he came close, always remaining on the subject of engines, as a good mechanic!

Paul Meccanico bags with safety reflector
The idea of ​​Paul Albert Dari, painter and Paul Meccanico's alter ego, is very simple and unprecedented in the fashion world: to recontextualize the door protector reflector by applying it as a functional detail to a fashion object for everyday use such as the bag. Yes, after the seat belts, the truck tarpaulins and the inner tubes of punctured wheels, now it's the turn of the reflector, and we were the first!

Functionality with Paul Meccanico has therefore made an upgrade thinking about safety and all models of Paul Meccanico bags, both for men and women, made of truck tarpaulin, are equipped with reflectors: perfect for walking, cycling or motorcycles in particular conditions. of light.

The Reflector rightly did not go unnoticed and also caught the attention of Vogue Accessory which talked about us on its very popular Facebook page. Do not you believe it? Look here!
From here other publications have started to define our bags as "Life Saving Bags"!

But how can a reflector on the bag help? Let's try to explain it with this little infographic.
Night visibility varies greatly depending on the type of lights and the presence or absence of a reflector element.

night visibility infographics with reflector

With the high beams, the ones that shed the most light, at night it is possible to see objects and people up to a distance of about 150 meters. This distance doubles up to 300 meters if the object or person is equipped with reflective elements.

With the dipped headlights, which must also be kept on during the day on country roads and motorways, visibility at night is much reduced compared to the high beams. In fact, without reflective elements we can distinguish people and objects only up to 50 meters away. With a reflective element we arrive, however, about 100 meters away.

Think about how important these differences are when we are driving, between distractions, speed and braking times.

Obviously, a reflector on a bag is not enough to save a life: you need head and common sense, both for pedestrians and cyclists but above all for car drivers. We are all pedestrians, both ourselves and our loved ones. Let's always remember!

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