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SARNANOSCAPE5 - Young artists on show as a fashion designer

SARNANOSCAPE5 - Young artists on show as fashion designer thanks to the collaboration between Paul Meccanico and the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata for the "Airtstone Project".


Andrea Giorgetti, Elisa Vitali, Francesca Ferracuti, Elisa Moretti, Marianna Guerra, Diana Avenoso, Giulia Maponi, Martina Taffetani, Ilaria Di Mambro, Hisako Mori and Rebecca Quintavalle. They are the eleven young talents, students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata who participated in the AIRSTONE project.

The young artists experimented as fashion designers and designed very original bags with a very high graphic content for Paul Meccanico.
The Airstone project was proposed by the Paul Meccanico company to the Academy of Fine Arts and was immediately welcomed with confidence and valued by Monica Manfrini and Piero Orlandi.

In a very short time, the projects of young fashion designer artists were born who, composed and printed on large hardcover, were part of the exhibition hosted by Spazio Lavi! together with the four award-winning bags which, concretely made, are now Airstone Paul Meccanico bags in all respects and available in our online store.

The best bags from the Airstone Project

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